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Why Shop Local & Organic

Why Shop Local? Click the link to read a summary from the website Buy Local Central Wisconsin

  1. “local organic” build connections and relationships
    “Local Organic” begs a fun yet mature question:
    “If we are what we eat, can we also be where we eat?”
    – Creating relationships with local farmers, producers, bakers, and growers.
    – Feeding your family and friends more good food with more taste, nutrients, and vitamins, in part because the distance from “farm to table” is shorter.
    – Supporting local and regional farmers and producers demonstrate the benefits in strong long-term relationships with your local food farm economy.
  2. “LocalOrganic” offers long-term sustainability and accountability
    “LocalOrganic” supports environment-friendly farming principles:
    Sincere respect towards the land, water, soil, and long-view decision-making.
    – Farming that follows stringent standards and third-party certification.
    – Feeding our region using responsible and respectful methods, in part assures that food is grown, produced, and handled according to strict procedures.
    – Downtown Grub.com from its inception has followed and initiated earth-friendly practices
    – Regarding sustainability, Co-owner Kevin Korpela has interviewed on WAOW Channel 9 News in Organic food no healthier than conventional? Korpela commented on a new study suggesting organic is no healthier than conventional. The study didn’t look at the big-picture, such as pesticides, key nutrients or when organically-grown plants defend against stress and disease because of the plants build higher levels of antioxidants and polyphenols. Then, of course, the humans benefit.
  3. “local organic” means more local dollars
    “local organic”keep more local dollars for our local economy: Financially supporting your local “…butcher, baker or kombucha-maker…”!
    – Making local choices for “this and that” good or service supports our neighbors and our friends.
    – “Feeding” family and friends more local goods and services build financially our region, in part because of more dollars spent here stay here.
    – Regarding more local dollars, Co-owner Kevin Korpela has interviewed on WSAW Channel 7 News in Buying Locally Can Boost Your Local Economy. The report outlined how you can get the local economy into an upswing through buying from independently owned stores as it pumps 20 percent more money back into your community than buying from a big box.
  4. “Local Organic” is also about eating from where you live.
    Architect Kevin Korpela, Co-owner of Downtown Grub, wrote an essay in 2007 about eating local:
    You are where you eat, so eat where you are

Wausau Local Organic Fresh Foods

  1. “Get your groceries* downtown at Downtown Grub!”
    * plus fruits, vegetables, dairy, non-dairy, meat, meatless, artisan and Wisconsin cheeses, bulk foods, frozen foods, beauty, wellness, beer, wine, liquor, prepared foods, plenty of seating, easy parking (over 3000 spaces in ramps or on street.)
  2. An “old-fashioned grocery”™ with Local and Organic Groceries and a Fresh Food Market
    offering Vegetarian World-Inspired Kitchen, Food Bar (Hot Bar, Salad Bar, Olive Bar,) and Bakery!
  3. We’re an “Everyday Farmers Market”™ offering fresh, local, certified-organic, natural, bulk,
    and raw foods to support our regional “Foodshed” (like a “watershed”.)
  4. Dine-in, Carry-out, it’s Healthy Food, Fast! Enjoy world-inspired foods “Made in our Kitchen!”
    Enjoy fast-food for Lunch and Dinner!
  5. Located on Wausau’s “Main Street” this “old-fashioned grocery”™ offers a Fresh Food Market
    for every meal to connect place with people, strengthen farm to markets, and reinforce downtown!
  6. Featuring unique bakery selections:
    Downtown Grub Bakeshop – old-fashioned & innovative selections from breads to brittles
    Be Well Bakeshop– UPDATE: Be Well is not currently operating.

Downtown Grub, an earth-friendly community place to share ideas and grow a local food economy.

Downtown Grub is NOW OPEN!

Downtown Grub RE-OPENED Tuesday, August 29, 2017!

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