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Downtown Grub re-opened Tuesday 8/29/17, that's 23 months after the day of the fire.

Stop in to say hello and check out our new space! Enjoy selections from the Food Bar and relax in our new second floor! Find many new, unique, and fun products, and watch our inventory grow even more as we head into Fall! See you soon in our all-new old-home on the 600 Block of Third Street. We’re happy to be home!

We started moving back home on Wednesday, August 16, 2017!

The day previous, Tuesday, August 15, we closed our temporary location in the Wausau Center Mall and began the move back home. Basically, we moved an entire store three blocks from the 300 Block to Third St to the 600 Block of Third St, then re-organized it all in the new space while adding a new product. It’s been a fun time!

The Wausau Center Mall had been “our home away from home” since opening in January 2016. We began looking for a temporary home soon after the fire and we’re pleased to open a fully functioning operation in the mall in less than three months and here’s a big “Thank you” for being our home away from home! Read the wonderful article in the Wausau Daily Herald about our move home, Downtown Grub to move back to Third Street two years after fire.

Read more (see construction photos, too) about Building and Rebuilding to transform our original home!

The 2015 fire lead to a temporary home, then a re-construction, and now our return home!

Our temporary home, Market & Food Bar by Downtown Grub, was located in the food court at the Wausau Center Mall, just four blocks south of our original home (607 Third St) at corner of Third St (Wausau’s Main Street) and Washington St at the front door to the Mall. The food court location opened in January 2016 and has now since closed on Tuesday August 15, 2017, as we began the process to return home. The 2015 fire was extinguished quickly, thankfully, no one was hurt. Starting in January 2016, we worked to create a plan to return home and on September 20, 2016, we started the construction to rebuild the historic building! Thank you for the community support that has helped us “Stay Positive!” Click the news links below to read more about our journey from the night of the fire to the start of construction, and now to the announcement that we’re returning home!


Downtown Grub.com™ is located in an historic storefront on Wausau’s Main Street, the former Vullings Floral and Gifts at 607 Third Street. Photos from the re-construction: Week One, Week Two, and Week Eight:

1.Storefront “Temporary” Mural+
2.Demolition, Restoration, Construction+
3.The Result+

Downtown Grub is NOW OPEN!

Downtown Grub RE-OPENED Tuesday, August 29, 2017!

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